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Low-voltage power cables

Electrical equipment designed for use with a voltage rating of between 50 and 1000 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500 V for direct current. They can be either flexible or rigid cables; the compound varies from PVC to low-smoke halogen-free.

Prysmian Group is able to offer a comprehensive portfolio range that can be tailor-made to meet markets and customers specifications/standards.

Medium-voltage power cables

Power cables for use with a voltage from 1kV upward. The insulation may vary from paper to EPR, PVC, XLPE and HPTE. The core can be with solid or stranded copper or aluminium in both singles and triplex. Cables can be armoured or un-armoured.

Prysmian Group produces a wide range of medium voltage power cables for use in utility applications.


P-Laser is a cable manufactured using thermoplastic materials and it is totally eco-friendly: 500kg of high-quality plastics can be recovered from every kilometre of cable.

Moreover, its innovative production process can benefit from a “zero-gas technology” that reduces CO2 emissions by around 1 tonne/km P-Laser is capable of performing at higher temperatures than traditional cabling: increased operating temperature range by over 20%. In a world of increasing demand where energy can now be derived from wind, solar or hydro-electric sources, distribution networks require cabling that can deal with fluctuating demand: P-Laser is the solution.

P-Laser’s use of thermoplastic means a more efficient, fully integrated production process. Degassing is no longer required and the possibility of uninterrupted, single-line production significantly streamlines the supply chain. Customers receive the cable they need, faster and in a form that’s fully compatible with their existing networks.

P-Laser provides superior performance and reliability over existing cables, optimizes supply chain processes, reduces total cost of ownership and allows the power distribution industry to operate more sustainably: P-Laser is the "future of power distribution".

Smart Grid Solutions

The importance of cables and grid components in the smart grid architecture is absolutely key: this is because the usage of adequate and advanced cable technologies can enhance grid reliability and efficiency, prevent black-outs, reduce maintenance costs.

Moreover, the deployment of the right solutions permits better grid exploitation and far-sighted asset management. Finally, the environmental care is guaranteed thanks to the use of environmentally friendly cables with a low carbon footprint and fully recyclability.

Prysmian Group is encouraged by these new challenges to go beyond the traditional cable concept by providing its customers - mainly grid owners and network operators - ultimate solutions which suit with the new grid requirements in terms of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction.

Prysmian Group has developed a range of innovative solutions among the most advanced currently on the market.

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Cable with enhanced mechanical protection

Prysmian has designed and patented a revolutionary solution that provides better mechanical protection than traditional metal armoured cable maintaining the functional advantages of unarmoured cables. AIR BAG™ is a radically new design that absorbs the kinetic energy of a shock by its deformation.

AIR BAG™ acts as a shock absorber. The AIR BAG™ system is a mechanical protection that can be applied to multicore and single core cables. Depending on specific applications different architectures are possible.

The polymeric extruded layers work together as a system and provide a very effective defence against impact.

Overhead power cable for high temperature lines

High-temperature conductors for upgrading existing lines.

The high-temperature conductors for overhead lines are especially designed to solve the problem related to the construction of new lines due to lack of available lands, difficulties to get permissions and environmental restrictions.

The high-temperature conductors for overhead lines allow an upgrade of the existing line increasing the ampacity from to 1.5 to 2 times by replacing only the conductors, guaranteeing a more convenient solution in terms of total cost of ownership.

The conductors use a combination of Aluminium Clad Invar (a special Fe-Ni alloy with very low thermal expansion coefficient) for the core, and super thermal resistant Al-Zr alloy for the conductive layer.

Accessories & Services

Accessories for power cables have a significant importance in the reliability of any cable circuit. Our product portfolio features a complete range of different designs, all available to order.

HV Accessories - XLPE cables

Prysmian’s long and successful experience in HV and EHV cable systems has led to the development of a comprehensive range of accessories for extruded dielectric cables.

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